The Chicago Story

Literacy Data Centered Framework

Our two year partnership with 10 Chicago Public Schools was based on the PDP Data-Centered Framework. Our goal was to eliminate the school’s probationary status and demonstrate increased student improvement in the area of literacy.

Our Challenges
• Achieve AYP for lowest performing
schools/remove from probationary status
• Develop Principals as Literacy Leaders
• Create Literacy Focused Instructional Teams
• Informs Institute Core Program Fidelity
• Implement data-driven decision making that informed instruction and professional development
• Overcome “New Initiative Fatigue” and
resistance to changeOur ten member cadre worked   the Leadership Team, Literacy Leaders, and Classroom Teachers twice monthly. Our
instructional focus included observation,
demonstration, feedback, monitoring and on-going planning with specific attention to guided reading, differentiated instruction, and fidelity to the adopted literacy program.

Successful Results

• All ten schools achieved a double digit increase in reading over the two year timeframe

• There was consistent use and analysis of formative assessments to inform instruction

• Significant improvement of guided reading and differentiated instruction

• Emergence of Teacher Leaders and collaborative, productive grade level meetings

Ralph Metcalfe Community

Mathematics Data Centered Framework

Our partnership with the Ralph Metcalf

Community was challenging, innovative and rewarding!

Through observation and collaborative meetings with Principal Stephen Fabiyi and other members of his Leadership Team (Assistant Principal, Myoshi Brown and Math Coach, Keisha Hill) PDP constructed the partnership into three key areas:

Culture and Climate

Mathematics Data-Centered Training and Coaching Framework

Creating a branding strategy to motivate middle school students

Our Challenges

  • Significantly increase NWEA attainment in mathematics
  • Elevate level 2 SQRR status
  • Improve understanding and implementation of conceptual mathematics, student engagement, and integrating technology with instruction
  • Implement data-driven decision making that informed instruction and professional development
  • Work on Culture and Climate to improve teaming and collaboration
  • Boost student and teacher perception of Metcalf as a "high achieving school“

The PDP team worked with the Leadership Team, Classroom Teachers and Instructional coaches 2-3 times per month. Our instructional focus included classroom observations, demonstration, feedback, monitoring and on-going planning with specific attention to data-based differentiated instruction. We implemented the PDP accountability protocol, TAKING THE PULSE. Taking the Pulse is an every 5 week after school session dedicated to analyzing the school’s formative assessment data to inform instructional priorities and professional development needs. To insure accountability and framework fidelity across the board, all team members reflect and discuss the PDP Report Card to celebrate areas of progress and identify areas to improve.

Successful Results

  • The math NWEA attainment score went from 25.5 percent in 2015 to 39.3 percent in 2016!
  • Achieved level 1+ status
  • There was consistent use and analysis of formative assessments to inform instruction
  • Significant improvement of student engagement and integrating technology into instruction

"In order to guarantee academic success for students, it's critical that professional development is aligned to the mission and vision of a school. We chose Professional Development Plus because they tailor services to meet the needs of our entire community. From the very first session with PDP you feel like PD is customized and "one of a kind" specifically created with your staff in mind. The following training and coaching sessions consisted of a rigorous journey where colleagues met and tackled challenges to meet the needs of students. This process allowed educators to dig deep into initiatives an aligned and mandates, apply and reflect, then conclude with celebrations of results. This past year, PDP supported our school with rising to Level 1+ status."

Stephen Fabiyi Principal

Metcalfe Community Academy

Carter G. Woodson

Gradual Release of Responsibility

"I Do, We Do it, You Do Together, You Do Alone"

Our two year partnership with Woodson Elementary School is proving to be a successful endeavor. During the first year teachers studied and began to implement the Gradual Release Model in their classrooms. This school year our focus is on refining implementation
of the four phases (Focused Instruction, Guided Instruction, Collaborative Learning, Independent Learning), of GRR. The model has helped teachers to
become more intentional in the delivery of their instruction, being mindful to share their thinking by using "think-alouds", providing explicit examples for the students, informing their students of the purpose of each lesson and providing students the opportunity to collaborate as they learn new skills and concepts.
The Gradual Release Model is an effective framework.

"PDP has been the leadership lever that has taken my teacher's instructional delivery to the next level. This year we conducted a yearlong study on gradual release of responsibility. The PDP team took my vision and created a PD series that tricky met the needs of all of my adult learners. The classroom observations, engaging whole group PD, and teacher demonstration lessons were awesome. We have already seen an increase in our student achievement data and I can't wait to see the final results. I am confident that the continued partnership with PDP will make us better practitioners."

Tamara Littlejohn


Carter G. Woodson Elementary School