Professional Development Plus Partnerships

Professional Development Plus!, Inc. is pleased to be partners with a number of like-minded companies and organizations.

Technical Services for Educational Companies

• Facilitation, Implementation and seminar Development
• Competitive, Engaging Sales Presentation Design
• Enhancing Facilitation and Presentation Skills
• Capacity Support for Large Implementations

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Illinois Departmant of Human Services
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UIUC Principal Scholar Program
KMc Video Productions
Knowledge Delivery Systems
Learning A-Z
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School Partnerships

Newark Renew Schools Initiative, Newark, NJ
· Integrating Technology into Best Practice Instruction

Chicago Public Schools, Chicago, IL
· CPS Career to Technical Education Framework (16 high schools)
· Office of Strategic School Support Services (26 schools)
· Provided services to 100+ schools

Chicago International Charter Schools, Chicago, IL
· Basil Charter School Campus- Math Coach Initiative

Detroit Public Schools/KDS
· Technology Coach Initiative, Detroit, MI

Maywood School District 89. Maywood, IL
Posen Robbins School District 143.5, Posen Robbins, IL
Hazelcrest School District 152.5, Hazelcrest, IL
Rich Township High School District 227, Olympia Fields, IL
Thornton Fractional High School District 215, Calumet City, IL
Gary Community School Corporation. Gary, IN
Warsaw Community Schools, Warsaw, IN
East Chicago School District, East Chicago, IN
Village Charter School, Trenton, NJ